Wrights Sidewinder Deluxe - The Portable Bobbin Winder


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Sidewinder Deluxe - The Portable Bobbin Winder has a number of features not available on our standard sidewinder. This Deluxe model includes: interchangeable bobbin spindles which accommodate bobbins for all makes and models of sewing machines, embroidery machins and long arm quilting machines; it winds thread from small spools to cones that hold as much as 12,000 yards; there are two storage compartments in the lid to hold wound bobbins or spools of thread; the telescoping guide adjusts to different heights of thread spools; it has a thread cutter, a bobbin fill control and speed control knob and there is a tension knob to accommodate a variety of thread weights. The unit comes with a Universal adapter and a 90 day limited warranty against Manufacturer defects. The unit is for household use only.
(Product Characteristic: Sewing; Quilting Tools) / (Fabric Content: Not Applicable)