Custom Printed Ribbon

Custom Printed Ribbon

JKM has made every effort to develop the most advanced Printing on Ribbon program available through the Web. We provide three options for creating custom printed ribbon to satisfy every need. Review the details of each option based on printing quantity then scroll down and select the option which suits your needs. For extensive details or to learn how to order, email JKM at

Small Quantity Ribbon Printing
Option 1 - Words &/or Dates Only Using Hot Stamp Printing
This is our most basic option for custom printed ribbon. Here customers can print on numerous satins, grosgrain or wired satin in various colors and widths using different fonts and symbols. This option is perfect for printing personalized ribbon including bridal favors, company names, gift packaging, special occasions, and more.

Bulk Quantity Ribbon Printing
Option 1 - 500 Yard Minimum - Select A Ready Made Design
Create your own custom ribbon by choosing either single face, double face or grosgrain ribbon, any ribbon/print color combination, and one of over 100 designs.
Option 2 - 1000 Yard Minimum - Design Your Own Printed Ribbon
For customers who desire the ultimate flexibility in design, we offer the Bulk Printing Program. Here you have the unique ability to create your own logo or design using any number of color combinations with any ribbon color and any print color for a truly personalized ribbon.

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