JKM Steinel® Heat Gun HB 1750


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Steinel® Heat Gun HB 1750 brings a new meaning to versatility with its easily interchangeable color coded variable temperature keys. Each key is designed to give specific temperature outputs from 200° F to 1200° F. Use for a variety of applications including shrink wrapping, desoldering, paint drying, paint stripping, welding plastics, softening adhesives, and thawing frozen pipes. Features of this heat gun include: Easily interchangeable color coded variable temperature keys; Fully adjustable, quick lock stand for hands-free operation and stores temperature keys for convenience; Powerful turbine blower with air delivery rate up to 23 CFM; Gun cylinder will not get hot while in operation; Lightweight and quiet, with a soft ergonomic grip; Plug-in heating element takes only seconds to change; Long Life Heating Element; Convenient slide switch (Off/ Cool/ Hot) and baffle to adjust air and temperature within key ranges; Switch for rapid cool down and a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
(Product Characteristic: Sewing or Craft Tools) / (Fabric Content: Not Available)