JKM Bullion Fringe (JKM Classic Label Trim) - 3" Width


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JKM's bullion fringe is a JKM Classic Label Trim available in 3" width on 12 yard rolls. This Trim is one of 11 styles in JKM's Classic Label Trims' Collection which include: Twisted Cord, Cord with Lip, Scroll & French Gimp, and Tassel, Brush & Bullion Fringes. These Trims are High Quality at Affordable Wholesale Prices. There are 12 Vibrant Colors Available for Each of the 11 Styles. A Sample Book with actual samples of each style and each color (132 samples) is available for purchase in the sample cards section under JKM Classic Label Trims' Sample Book. Dry clean only.
(Product Characteristic: Fringe) / (Fabric Content: 40% Cotton 60% Polyester)