C & G 800 Satin (Water Resistant Acetate Satin) - 1 5/16" ; 100 Yards

C & G

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Our 800 Satin with water resistant stiffer is a high quality acetate satin ribbon used for the floral and packing industries. Available in 5/16", 7/16", 9/16", 7/8", 1-5/16" & 2" widths on 100 yard spools and 2-1/2" & 4" widths on 50 yard spools. One Green Product Deserves Another: As seen in Florist's Review! When it comes to the environment, nothing is greener than flowers. To keep your flower arrangements eco-friendly after their display life, shouldn't the floral ribbon used in them be green too? Of the most popular everyday floral ribbons, only acetate satin, like C & G's "800" Satin Ribbon, is biodegradable. That's because C & G's "800" Satin Ribbon is made solely with acetate, a biodegradable fiber made from wood pulp. Other everyday floral ribbons such as organza (nylon) and other satin types (polypropylene and polyester) are made with synthetic fibers that decompose much, much slower than acetate does. With C & G's "800" Satin Ribbon, you're not only getting the highest quality and most reliable acetate satin ribbon in the world, you're also getting a ribbon that helps the environment stay green for future generations of flowers.
(Product Characteristic: Eco Friendly Ribbon) / (Fabric Content: 100% Acetate)