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If you are looking for an impressive selection of ribbon and trim products – including discount ribbons, bulk ribbon, low priced ribbons, trims, wholesale trims and discount trims – look no further than JKM Ribbon & Trims. We have been in business more than 20 years supplying ribbon and trims to the craft, bridal, floral, packaging, home sewing, design and specialty markets. Our vast amount of industry experience and the partnerships we have developed with our suppliers provide us with the knowledge and resources to meet all of your ribbon and trim needs. Furthermore, when you shop for quality ribbon and trims, as well as, want an extensive selection of ribbon or trim colors, styles, put ups and sizes then visit us at www.jkmribbon.com. At JKM Ribbon & Trims where we supply hundreds of thousands of skus, numerous options and available in small or bulk put ups at prices over 70% lower than retail prices, JKM Ribbon & Trims is the place for you to fulfill your needs. In addition, you can mix ribbons and trims from suppliers and order as needed to reduce your inventory costs.

At JKM Ribbon, we believe strongly that providing excellent customer service is just as important as offering high quality ribbons and trims. Therefore, we email you the tracking number for the shipment option you selected for your order. You can also access your online account for tracking information. Our website acts as a “real time” catalogue, updated routinely to give you more accurate information than you will find in a paper catalogue. We have a large variety of wholesale ribbons, bulk ribbons and discount ribbons – but rest assured, if a substitution is required, we will not make any substitutions without first securing your permission.

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