JKM Philadelphia Pride Ribbon with Brass Pin


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The Philadephia Pride Ribbon is an awareness ribbon with a brass pin which JKM is selling to support the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing. JKM is donating a portion of the profits to the One Fund Boston Foundation (onefundboston.org). Specifically, We have a variety of ribbon color and print color combinations as shown above. Please note: we do not place the pin on the ribbon and you will have to attach it in order to make the pins shown above. The product comes with 1 ribbon and 1 brass pin per box.
In effort to raise money and start a charitable fundraising project, JKM intends to add more ribbon/pins like this Philadelphia pin to remember and support the victims of the Boston Marathon. Our goal is to add all of the marathons to our site with the colors and phrase respective of each city and marathon. Overall, let's join as one to display our unity and resolve to overcome any terror acts. A portion of the proceeds from any sale related to these particular awareness ribbons will be donated to the One Fund Boston Foundation (onefundboston.org). If you have a design you want to create along these lines, please email us at customerservice@jkmribbon.com.
(Product Characteristic: Awareness Ribbon) / (Fabric Content: 100% Polyester)