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JKM Ribbon & Trims
Home Page February 17, 2018    
Wholesale Ribbon & Trims
Wholesale Satin Ribbon & Grosgrain Ribbon

Satin Ribbon Links

JKM supplies an Inexpensive, High Quality Polyester Satin Ribbon. Specifically, JKM Ribbon & Trims presents a line of single face satin and double face satin at incredibly low prices and high quality. Each of the satin ribbons are available at low, wholesale prices, with lots of colors and widths ranging from 1/4” to 2 1/2”.

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Grosgrain Ribbon Links

JKM wants to provide our customers with a wide selection of low cost, high quality Grosgrains for their crafts, designs, bridal work, packaging and special project needs. You will find JKM Wholesale Costs to be your best value for purchasing your favorite grosgrain. JKM supplies Petersham Scalloped Edge Grosgrain and Morex Grosgrain in addition to JKM’s brand of Quality Grosgrain.

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Wholesale Bias Tape

Bulk & Packaged Bias Tape, Twill Tape & Rick Rack Links

Wrights Packaged Tapes are available in Single, Double, Fold, Extra Wide Double Fold, Hem Facing, Fleece, Lame and more... but when you need bulk amounts, JKM Bias Tape is available in 50 and 145 yard put ups.

Wrights Bulk Bias Tapes are available in Single Fold, Double Fold, Flat Bias Tape and Satin Binding are available in a wide selection of widths, and solid colors plus denim, stripes and gingham checks on 50 yard and 145 yard Spools in a polyester/cotton blend at wholesale prices.

- Bulk Bias Tape & Twill Tape

- Packaged Bias Tape & Twill Tape

- Rick Rack & Flat Tape

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