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Discount for New Customers of JKM Ribbon & Trims
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How To Order Printed Ribbon

Single Spools of Printed Ribbon

The Price Includes Ribbon and Printing Charge For One Spool
1. Select the Ribbon Width, Put Up, Font Type and Color. With these 4 options selected, you can browse the ribbon color types by clicking the color in the drop down box or the swatch thumbnail below. If you want to change the width, please repeat the steps explained.
(Please note if you do not want a font, select NO. Also scroll down on Printing Product Page and Click Font Types to view fonts and reference as a guide)
2. Select a Print Color from the drop down menu.
(Scroll Down on Printing Product page and Click the Print Colors link to view swatches of the print colors.)
3. Select a Symbol from the drop down menu.
If you are NOT Printing a Symbol and Printing ONLY a Font then select NO No Symbol.
(Scroll Down on Printing Product page and Click the Symbols link to view symbols and reference as a guide.)
4. Pick Continuous Printing, or if you want Printing on Both Ends specify the length of the piece you need (8",12",18", etc.)
(Scroll Down on Printing Product page or look below for more details on Continuous or Printing On Both Ends.)
5. Write the words, dates, phrases you want printed. Use the examples on the Print Type page as a guide.
6. Enter the QUANTITY you need if you want THE EXACT SAME PRINTED RIBBON.
7. Click ADD TO CART and REPEAT STEPS 1 through 6 for your next PRINTED RIBBON ROLL.