Three Fantastic Fall Craft Ideas for 2013

Fall is a great time of the year. The weather is perfect, it is beautiful outdoors, and some of our favorite holidays are just around the corner. With a few good wholesale craft supplies, you can create adorable and stunning crafts for your home. These three easy and fun ideas are perfect for the fall season.

1. An autumn wreath


This is a fantastic idea if you want a breathtaking craft which can be placed anywhere inside or outside your home. First, start off with a bare circular wreath.  Then, place your chosen artificial flowers, leaves, and pinecones where you desire. (It’s a good idea to add a bow, too. It can be printed or solid ribbon, but make sure to follow a fall color scheme. ) As long as you choose colors with rusty reds, golden yellows, or greens, your wreath will be sure to portray the season. Afterwards, use a hot glue gun to attach your craft supplies. This is a simple, easy, and gorgeous craft idea.

2. A fall centerpiece


Ah, pumpkins: they are one of the ultimate ways of expressing fall. For a beautiful fall centerpiece, use a vibrant brown wicker basket. Place an array of miniature orange and red artificial pumpkins in your wicker basket (four will most likely do the trick.) Afterwards, place artificial flowers in oranges, burnt reds, and ivory around the pumpkins. Once you have your basket situated, hot glue where necessary. This will look lovely on a kitchen table or in the family room.

3. A pumpkin vase


Pumpkins are pretty easy to carve, so why not turn them into autumn vases? Start this craft idea by carving the first circular portion of a pumpkin, allowing it to store artificial flowers easily. In order to keep these flowers in place, use your favorite floral foam. Then, insert the artificial flowers of your choice. Recommended colors are bright yellow and burgundy. You will have a gorgeous vase with flowers instantly, which will be sure to bring the essence of autumn into your home.

These simple craft ideas can be the difference in your home this year. Creating an authentic and rich look will help you to have a home which expresses this fabulous season.  By carefully selecting wholesale craft supplies, you will have a stunning product to share with your friends and family.


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